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About Our School

Our Vision and Mission

In our school students learn four languages at the same time. Kyrgyz, Russian, English and Turkish. Lessons like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science are in English.

There are two type of classes; Kyrgyz and Russian. Depending to the type of the class they have History, Geography lessons in Kyrgyz or Russian language.

School has modern classes with multimedia(computer and television for video lessons). In computer labaratory there are 25 new computers connected to the internet. There are biology, chemistry and physics labaratories with modern peripherals and posters.

Alumnies of the school get certificates for English, Turkish languages and certificate for computer science.

School Campus

Our high school situated at the centre of the Talas city. It's only 200 metres far from the governors office and central pazar. The cetral building of our school is only 3 years old. Beneath we have kitchen and apartment for employees. Also our new dormitory building will be ready for the autumn 2008. We have our own water pit in case there are no water we can use our own, also our school has its own generator which can work indepedently. For keeping our school warm in cold winters we use central heating system. We have security guards at the door that checks visitors.


We provide students with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Very often they have evening tea parties. There are around 10 personels that prepare meals for the students.


Up to the moment when our new dormitory building will be ready(summer 2008) we use the upper part of the school as place for students to stay. Currently there are 210 students staying in the dormitory.

Health and First Aid

There are two doctors that continuosly stay in our school for students treatment.

About Talas City

Situated on west side of Kyrgyzstan Talas is one of the coldest regions in the country. It’s a middle sized city with population around 30 000 people. It has a Talas state university, music school, two good hotels. Talas is famous for epic national hero Manas who believed to live there. While visiting Talas city you may visit Manas Ordo park with the museum inside where you can see detailed history of Manas.
Talas is an agricultural city. In previous years potatoes were the main cereal grown, but nowadays beans is the most popular and profitable one. Most of the harvested products are exported to Kazakhstan and Turkey.
Beside normal schools in Talas there are two Sebat Kyrgyz -Turkish high schools, one is girls and other one is boys’ schools.

How to get to Talas

In order to go to Talas city from Bishkek you have to go to a new bus station. There you have two opportunities to go, one is to hire a taxi (around 7 euro) and another one is a minibus (4 euro). The all journey will take you 5 hours where you will pass a 3.5 km tunnel at the top of the mountain.


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